Watching a good cookery show on a day when you just want to relax is the best thing to do and if the show features Paris Hilton then it’s a delight to our eyes. Her latest show on Netflix “Cooking With Paris” is gaining popularity. Her fans have a very common question about the show, why Paris does wear gloves while cooking.


The celebrity Paris Hilton has now turned into a chef. Her fans really love her chef Avtar in the cooking show. One thing that the fans have noticed is that Paris wore 6 different types of gloves in the 6 different episodes. Sometimes they are red, pink, blue, etc. the fans have always wondered why Paris wears gloves while cooking. Well, she reveals the reason in the youtube tutorial of the show.

In the video, she says that she is afraid of cutting or grinding her fingers while cooking. The gloves give her a sense of protection and it also looks classy and fashionable. She also signifies a new trend while cooking with gloves on.

The gloves also help support her sliving. By sliving she means that slaying and living her best life at the same time. Having any kind of cuts or bruises on her fingers or any part of her body will not allow her to live. 

So here we provide you with the video where she reveals her truth.

If you are a cookery show fan and you love watching Paris then be sure to check out the cookery show available on Netflix. There are only 6 episodes and every episode is less than 30mins long. So you should be able to complete the entire season in just a day.

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