The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Jen Shah talks about the dangers of calling women of color ‘scary’ on TV

Recently, in one of the episodes of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Jen Shah was called scary. She came forward to tell her co-stars to understand how dangerous it is to label women of color scary. Continue scrolling to read more about this new controversy.

Jen Shah belongs from a Hawaiian and Tongan heritage. In a recent episode, she turned her husband Sharrieff’s birthday into chaos after yelling and throwing a glass. Sources reveal that she heard Lisa Barlow and Meredith Marks making some claims, but the ladies denied in a sneak peek of this week’s episode. The 47 years old housewife told a source that the claims they made meant something different to them.

Shah also revealed that none of the female co-stars called Heather Gay scary when she said that she was going to cut a bitch. At that time, all the ladies laughed, but if Shah had said that then she would be handcuffed and would be dragged to prison for saying something like that.

She continued that people have double standards, and she hopes people get some education and try to make some changes. She thinks that it didn’t come from a place of being malicious but from one of being ignorant.

While filming a reunion, she further revealed that her life is completely different from her other co-stars. She explained that she worries for her son’s safety, and whenever he goes out for a run during the night as part of soccer training, she follows her 116 years old in her car.

She revealed that someone would see a black boy and think that he is robbing something and running away. These kinds of stories are really common. As a mother, she is scared for her son.

She also did not give her older son to drive to Las Vegas with friends for spring break because cops would think that he must have stolen the expensive car from someone. She continued that she has to deal with such problems while her white castmates don’t.

It is so hard for her and dangerous to label a person of color. It is also very dangerous to accuse them of something they are doing freely around the terms.

Final Words

Some of the viewers might think that Shah is giving over the top reactions at lush events, but they don’t know that her family had to work hard for what they have achieved now. Other people don’t think about it, but it means more to them. She will always be over the top and celebrate every single milestone Jen and her family accomplishes. Lastly, she wants people to see those people of color and doing great things in their lives.

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