This year has been so far really great for gamers out there. With the release of PS5 and Microsoft Xbox Series X and latest powerful graphics cards by Nvidia and AMD, gamers have really got lucky.

But it is really a tough choice between both the gaming consoles and graphics cards as most of the people would be able to buy only one and both are the really great options to consider.

I am the one who used to play games on PC and I still love playing them on PC. I don’t know why but I like PCs over any other console when it comes to gaming, especially the first player shooter ones.

I want to buy a new graphics card but at the same time I am really loving the new PS 5 console and now I am totally confused which one to go for as I have the budget to buy only one of them.

But there has been news that The Medium, one of the cool games, won’t give a good performance on PC. There are other games like watchdogs, Cyberpunk 2077 etc. which also won’t have the same performance while playing on PC but provide too good performance on PS 5. Even before the official release of the games, some of the sites who got to test them said that the games won’t run properly even on a 60fps PC with Intel i9 and RTX 3080. Though there are some old games which I can play but it does not make any sense, if I had to play the ond games only, why would I buy the new graphics card.

As I don’t want to move to PS 5 because I don’t like the experience, I am planning to hold my decision until the games are better optimised for PC or else there won’t be any fun even if I buy the graphics.


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