The Prom’s fame Ariana DeBose desires to tell the story of brown girls

Recently in one of the Q & A sections with the new musical comedy team The Prom that airs on Netflix, Ariana DeBose expressed how it is her sole duty to voice out the story of a young queer girl. Read this article till the end to know exactly what DeBose stated and what was her beliefs actually.  

To get to see films or shows about young and beautiful brown girls who recognize themselves as queer is like once in a blue moon. It has been very long since she watched any movie with queer as a main substance of the story, and so she thought it is now her responsibility to perform it in a right sense and she put all her care and attention to make it happen successfully. She then elucidated her views on queer girls.

So, what is Ariana DeBose’s opinions on girls of this current epoch:

She further elaborates her views and opinions on girls of this present scenario. She says that every girl with special reference to the current time, has to carry so many pressures in her life, be it from society or from her own family. Apart from outlining their gender differences what can be the other pressures are receiving better grades in their studies, moving to colleges and acquiring various degrees.

In one of another interviews, Ariana DeBose recollects her nostalgic memories in her high school. She retrospect at her school where she had some crush over girls but not like she wanted to walk down along the hallway with their hands tightly closed each other. Sometimes it feels like to have a little dance movement with them but the society and its people would not consider it right.

Fortunately, Ariana Debose greatly had a chance to live through her school time wishes. In Ryan Murphy’s musical comedy, she was lucky enough to play the role of Alyssa Greene coupling together with Jo Ellen Pellman who plays the role of Emma Nolan.

Okay, now what do you think guys about Ariana DeBose’ thoughts and views? What is your point of view as a general public? Are your views paralleling with Ariana DeBose? 


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