The Privilege’ Review: Netflix German Horror Movie Is Magnificently Eerie!

Welcome back folks! The Privilege’ Review: Netflix German Horror not only shock their fans with English or Hindi language content but also amaze them with its super hard German and Spanish series like Money Heist, Dark and so on!

Today, we will sprinkle some lights on the recently released German Horror movie named The Privilege which is directed by duo Felix Fuchssteiner and Katharina Schöde!

After reading the article, you wouldn’t be confused whether to watch it or not?

What about the Synopsis!

The thrilling movie knits a story of a young man named Finn, who was in trauma after his sister’s death named Anna. But the story take a turn, and after few days, it was revealed, that  death of Anna was not natural but demonic and she’s troubling his bed ridden brother.

But like every horror film, in this film also no one believes Finn and thinks that he has gone crazy. So, folks to know whether he is doing drama or he’s serious, check out the movie right now if you didn’t watch it yet!

The Privilege’ Review: Netflix German Horror Movie Is Magnificently Eerie!
The Privilege’ Review: Netflix German Horror Movie Is Magnificently Eerie!

Let’s Talk About Reviews

The horror movie was already launched on Netflix on 9th February 2022 and had a running time of 107 minutes. The thrilling movie has given the title eerie which means strange as well as frightening at the same time by it’s lovely fans.

The movie will literally give you goosebumps and manages to keep you hooked by your television screens. The creators made the movie so unexpected, that to know who’s haunting via their supernatural powers, you have to concentrate properly.

What about Casting!

All the faces who casts in the movie are well known to Netflix The Privilege. Famous actor Max Schimmelpfennig plays the role of Finn who will take you to a frightful journey and seems confused by watching the strange things happening around him.

Beautiful Lea Van Acken performs the role of most interesting role of Lena. She lived her life very freely and proud to be a member of LGBTQIA+ community.

Hot actress Tijan Marie also performed tremendously in the horror genre. Her mostly scenes came in the second half and left a great impression on fans mind as well as their hearts.

Hence, stay in touch to get more updates about the whole entertaining world!

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