The Office Is Still Trending As Fans Are Unhappy The Show Has Left Netflix

The Office has finally left Netflix, but fans still cannot get over it. According to the sources, the show got scheduled to leave the streaming service after December 31, 2020. The mourning fans took it to their social media accounts to share their emotions. 

The comedy series has been a hit, and it has been entertaining the viewers since 2005. After arriving on Netflix, it became a cultural phenomenon. During the lockdown period, some of the fans even rewatched this iconic series. The story follows around a hilarious manager Michael Scott (Steve Carell) and a dedicated Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson).

The Office left Netflix on December 31, 2020

In the US, the Office is one of the most-watched series of all time. And Netflix helped this series in gaining popularity after launching it on their platform. However, by the end of 2020, it bid adieu to Netflix.

Moreover, the series will only be available on Peacock, NBC’s burgeoning streaming service. If you are using the free version of this streaming site, then you will be able to watch the first two seasons only. Those who are Premium subscribers can get to watch the entire series.

Thursday was the last day where fans could stream the comedy series on Netflix. Before it left, many fans shared their sadness on Twitter and Instagram. Things have become worse because it was the show which helped some people to survive the harshness of 2020. You can check out some of the reactions of the Twitter users below.

It has not happened for the first time. Many series have left the streaming service this year. Last week, Marvel fans were sad when their favorite film left the streaming platform. The social media was filled with Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse film’s pictures.

Anybody would feel heartbroken because these days, many viewers are relying on Netflix for entertainment, and watching their favorite project leave is heartbreaking. And it is completely natural to feel sad.

Final Words

If you want to watch this series then, you can subscribe to Peacock. The streaming site is hoping that fans are loving the new home of The Office series. The site has also taken initiative to drop extra-long episodes along with some never-seen footage. Sadly, Netflix is no longer the home of this series. You can also check out Peacock and sign up to watch various shows for free.

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