With the launch of next gen gaming consoles like PS5 and Xbox Series X, we are suddenly face to face with the reality that we do not have enough games to play on the consoles. Yes the scene is changing fast but can we say that for detective games? No right. Well then lets discuss the case of these games and what would we like in the enhanced or new games.


Right now in the detective games genre, we do not have many games to account for. We have the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, L.A Noire and the Sherlock Holmes game Series. To talk about the first one, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney offers a good game play. There are plenty of clues to look for and you will have to use your grey cells effectively as the clues in the games are all linked.

The problem is there is only one way of reaching to the end of the game. This makes the game boring once you are done with it. It does not have re-play value. The other two offer alternate outcomes of the cases depending upon what you make of the clues. L.A Noire also has an interrogation system that makes it unique. At the core though there is only one case to solve and once that is solved then game over, nothing else to do. 


Having discussed the current situation, what all do we want in the next gen games? First, part 2s of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and L.A Noire and more Sherlock Holmes games. In the new games though we would like to see better graphics like offered in Spider-Man: Miles Morale, an RPG type game play in a open world, better interrogation techniques where players can decide the questions and the evaluation process and new characters.

Apart from this, new titles in the detective games department are also required. Games which focus on different type of cases ranging from criminal to non-criminal, superhero style detective games and maybe even games set in the past or future. 

We can go on and on for infinity on this but now we will stop and let you do the talking. Suggest your ideas for possible future detective games in the comment box.

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