A Minecraft Tournament Resulted In A Distributed Denial-Of-Service Attack That Largely Knocked Andorra Offline

The Minecraft tournament triggered a DDoS attack. It brought Andorra’s internet service to a halt for the majority of the day. A DDoS attack on the country’s sole Internet service provider targeted SquidCraft Games (ISP).

Andorra Telecom, the tiny European principality’s sole ISP. It has been the target of a series of cyberattacks that have disrupted Internet access across the country in connection with a Minecraft tournament. Over the weekend, a number of Andorran players competed in SquidCraft Games.

A Twitch Rivals tournament, with several dropping out after their connections exploded. Even though the idea of shutting down the entire country. For a Minecraft, tournament sounds like a bad metaverse novel plot. It could be a terrifying vision of our future.

Twitch Rivals

Squid Game, a Minecraft mod developed by SquidCraft Games, pitted players from the popular Netflix murder-game series Squid Game against each other. The grand prize in this contest was $74,500. Unknown hackers appear to have slammed the entire Andorra Internet in order to bring down well-known streamers such as AuronPlay, Rubius, and TheGrefg.

Andorra Telecom targeted ‘YouTubers’ in a series of distributed denial-of-service attacks on Friday and Saturday, the company said in a statement on Sunday. DDoS attacks flood networks with junk traffic from various sources, which is frequently fueled by a “botnet” of virus-infected computers. Attempting to reach the streamers in Andorra had a much greater impact on the population because the country only had one ISP.

Creating a rigged competition

When Auron, a Twitch star with over 11.4 million followers, tweeted that the games had to continue, he resigned. He expressed hope that announcing this would deter the hacker(s) if he or she was after his or her friends.

The DDoS attacks could have been aimed at disrupting the event or creating a rigged competition, but it’s unclear which. I’d go with that because the Internet lends itself to petty behavior.

Auron and Rubius allegedly offered a €10,000 reward in exchange for information leading to the arrest of those responsible.

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