The Marked Heart Season 2 Renewed At Netflix!

The Marked Heart season 2 renewal announcement is officially out. We will be covering the latest leaks and insights about the cast, the possible plot, and the release dates. 

So continue reading to tame your curiosity about season 2 of The Marked Hearts! Let’s start with an overview of this Spanish thriller television series…


The Marked Heart is a Colombian intrigue drama television series written and produced by Venezuelan playwright Leonardo Padrón. The series will premiere on Netflix worldwide on April 20, 2022. After its premiere, the show was approved for a second season. Well, it is not an exaggeration to say that this drama The Marked Heart is intriguing and carries the audience with the waves of emotions.

Renewal updates

The current status of The Marked Heart is confirmed for a second season and will be available for the fans and enthusiasts of this drama on websites soon. But, one vexing part is that even though the renewal is confirmed, the official release dates, where the episodes will be available for the public, are not officially announced. The second season, assuming the series is delivered quickly, might debut in early 2023. Year after year, Netflix releases fresh seasons of its original programming. Season 2 would begin in May 2023, assuming season 1 began in April 2022.


We expect to see cast members of the previous season in the upcoming season 2. The cast is an important part of the drama production as they play a huge role in making it a success and popular. Let’s see the members who have a high chance to star in season 2 of The Marked Heart. 

  • Michel Brown portrays Simón.
  • Ana Luca Domnguez is played by Camila Sebastián Martnez, and Zacaras is played by Zacaras.
  • Valeria is played by Margarita Muoz, and Mariachi is played by Moisés Arizmendi.
  • Valeria Emiliani plays Samantha.
  • Julián Cerati plays the role of Tomás.
  • Juan Fernando Sánchez portrays the character Sarmiento.
  • Mauricio Cujar plays Braulio Cárdenas.
  • Jacqueline Arenal plays Greta Volcán.

We truly hope that we get to see them in the coming new season with their brilliant acting as they did in the first season.

Where can you watch it?

Well, we have already provided our estimated date of release which happens to be early 2023. There is a possibility that other websites or companies may take part in the airing of the next episode. To follow the normal procedures, Netflix will have it streamed on its official page. 

The updates related to season 2 will be included as we receive the intel from our resources for you all to read and know.

Trailer updates

The official release date is not yet out. So, the trailer is also under the wraps as of now. But, we think that the trailer should be out in the next six months. For now, all the fans have to wait patiently for further news which we hope is good news.

That’s all for today’s update about the upcoming season 2 of The Marked Heart. But, do you think there will be an addition of new characters or actors/actresses in season 2?

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