“The Mandalorian” star talks potential “Moff Gideon” series

Giancarlo Esposito is very excited in a side project from “The Mandalorian” which focusses on his worst, Moff Gideon. 

Popular for his role as meth head honcho Gus Fring in the “Breaking Bad” universe, Esposito has carried a similar chilling danger to a world far, very far from Empire’s moustachioed attendant.

What do Giancarlo want?

According to Esquire, with a lot of “Star Wars” declarations showing up recently, Giancarlo kept a proposal that he needs a part in the action movie.

Words of Giancarlo Esposito:

“I was just sitting there and went, ‘Hello, shouldn’t something be said about me?!’” he kidded. 

“Individuals continue questioning me, ‘For what reason aren’t you in season two more?’” 

I answer them, ‘In light of the fact that we’re prodding you. I’m the hefty, and it’ll set aside a little effort to get too what Moff truly needs.’” 

About “Moff Gideon” sequel:

Considering the chances of “Moff Gideon” sequel, Giancarlo remarked: “The appropriate response is, truly, I would be keen on that if there was sufficient material and storyline to enjoy that.”

“In any case, first I need to be consistent with this task.” 

Concerning what’s available for his miscreant in “The Mandalorian” season 3, Giancarlo added: “Somely, history refreshes itself every time. 

“It is quite obvious that Moff Gideon is exceptionally slippery and has had a piece in all aspects of the Empire. I think you’ll begin to see that and it’ll be a genuine hint when you see the finale.” 

Here is the short video in which “The Mandalorian vs Moff Gideon” from Disney+ is shown- 


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