“The Mandalorian”: Season 2’s Biggest Unanswered Questions

“The Mandalorian” 2 has come to an end on n high note. Jon Favreau is all set to give another hit. Season 2 was ended without closing the door about expended universe and characters, and the finale where baby Yoda was sent to Jedi school for the first time. 

This is the link to review of Season 2 which will leave you amazed for sure- 

The dust has been settled here pointing some questions about the series.

What role will Luke Skywalker have?

It is already discussed that Luke will take over the role of Grogu’s mentorship after a small bundle of chlorians came out the force. Here comes Mark Hamill as hero to rescue all from Death Troopers.

It was the most emotional scene. Djarin took of his helmet and waved bye to his kid. Season 3 is surely going to fill the gap.

What happened to Boba Fett and Fennec?

In the post credit scene,

According to the deal, after rescuing the child alongside Din, Fennec and Boba Fett returned their way to Tatooine and created the greatest post credit scene in the history of Star Wars.

Both of them infiltrated Jabba’s House and murders Bib Fortuna also, declares themselves as the new rules of the Tatooine underworld. 

What will Din Djarin do with the Darksaber?

Din even after giving up on the child acquired something really precious, The Darksaber that he won by defeating Gideon in a combat, which technically makes him the ruler Mandalore.

He passes down the sword to Bo-Katan in the end of the episode ‘The Rescue’.

Who will show up in season 3?

Season 2 ended with the cameo of Luke Skywalker in the episode ‘The Rescue’.

But it is not necessary lend itself to extensive reappearances.

Luke could do a role in further episodes or seasons too. But, with the return of Luke, there might be possibility of return of many other Star Wars character too. 

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