If you are a hard core tech development follower then you must be aware of ATX bulletin. Well, this bulletin is all about big tech orient news and some insides on new development taking place.


We start off with news that Elion Musk is finally moving into his new home. The new home is located in Austin. Musk has also planned to open a Tesla manufacturing facility.


 It is estimated that around 5000 local employees will be hired there. 

The next one on the list is Oracle Cork is relocating its headquarters from Red Wood City to Austin. Next up on the news is that Stitcher Ads has got new team leaders.

The team includes Boaz Cohen, Paige DeLeon, Dave Donnelly and Daniel king. Next up we have TATA consultancy is hiring people across Texas. The chairperson Suryakant has said that a nearly 10k people will be hired. The last news on the list is that Question Pro is helping a new brand to attract customers. It is doing so to with its online service which helps them to know what a costumer is more likely to buy and this is helping the companies to market their products accordingly.

We hope you find this news all optimistic and happy. Seriously in times like these we need such happy feel-good news to keep us afloat. 

That is the end of the line for today. Which one was your favorite? Tell us in the comment box and stay tuned for more.


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