The ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy by Christopher Nolan unquestionably altered the landscape of what the superhero genre could do. The franchise concluded with “The Dark Knight Rises,” a 2012 film that pitted Christian Bale’s Caped Crusader against Tom Hardy’s Bane. Christopher Nolan and David S. Goyer took a grounded approach to the “Batman” mythology in the world in collaboration with Warner Bros. and Director Zack Snyder. Only one year after the “Dark Knight” trilogy, Bruce Wayne concluded the new “Superman” story. Many people believe that this is happening in the same world – but it is not.

The “Dark Knight” trilogy is understandable because fans anticipated the launch of the DC Extended Universe. The film “The Dark Knight Rises” paved the way for Joseph Gordon-Levitt to play John “Robin” Blake. Furthermore, Nolan did not tease or hint at anything that was too restricted to the larger world that his Gotham City version inhabited, which was very easy to use as the springboard for the DCEU.

However, as screenwriter David S. Goyer recently revealed, the manager had no intention of launching a Warner Bros DCEU.

Christopher Nolan wanted his trilogy to be separate from others.

Despite being one of the main producers who contributed to the launch of the 2013 ‘Man of Steel’ DC Extended Universe, Christopher Nolan did not appear to want to be included in its ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy. During an interview, David S. Goyer discussed his extensive career, including his collaboration with Christopher Nolan on the groundbreaking Batman films and his role in the formation of the DCEU. “Chris always wanted to keep films from future projects as a distinct entity,” the writer explained to Nolan.

Warner Bros. also stated that he had other plans to incorporate it into a larger universe, stating that “[the studio] was willing, understandably.” Given the trilogy’s critical and commercial success, as well as the clearly Nolan/visual Goyer-connected public, it’s easy to imagine what superheroes could accomplish on the big screen. “Obviously Chris was a producer of Man of Steel, and before he ended, it’s tempting to think they were connected,” Goyer continued. I mean, I’m sure it could be done retroactively.”

This allowed Warner Bros. and Zack Snyder to explore new territory without being constrained by previous events, when Ben Affleck later cast as an elderly grizzled Bruce Wayne in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” But it’s worth noting what the DCEU might have looked like if the “Dark Knight” trilogy had been made canon. The rest is background information.


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