The Lost Symbol Season 2 Release Date: Is This Series Coming in 2022!

The Lost Symbol Season was a TV drama based on Dan Brown’s third novel in the Robert Langdon series about an imaginary Harvard University professor. Among the films based on the famed symbologist’s stories were “The Da Vinci Code,” “Angels & Demons,” and “Inferno.”

Peacock’s “The Lost Symbol” was a prelude series that focused on Langdon’s life prior to the events of the trilogy. However, with the conclusion of the first season of the show, it appears that the streamer has put a halt to any further adventures.

On January 24, 2022, Deadline reported that “The Lost Symbol” would be terminating its run after only one season. However, fans of the show still feel there should be more stories for this show. Can it be like those movies about reviving from the dead? Could it be possible that “The Lost Symbol” may be resurrected for a second season?

Release date

The Lost Symbol is a TV drama about a renowned Harvard symbologist named Robert Langdon. When Robert Langdon’s mentor is kidnapped, he is dragged into a series of dangerous puzzles and must solve them on his own. The CIA then assigns him to a task group, where he learns of a horrific scheme.

The drama “The Lost Symbol” has failed to receive a renewal for a second season. It appears that the replacement for this is not far away. The viewers of the series The Lost Symbol are really excited about the next season.

The cast

We expect most of the actors to return for the next season, but we haven’t confirmed whether any new faces will emerge. 

Ashey Zuckerman is the main character on the show, he’ll almost certainly return for the following season. Eddie Izzard (Peter Solomon) is kidnapped after that. He is a symbology professor, and he must decipher the symbols. The mentor’s children are Valerie Curry, Katherine Solomon, Beau Knapp, Rick Gonzalez, and Sumalee Montano. Inoue Sato is played by Sumalee Montano. Valorie Curry is the mentor’s daughter. 

Some of the actors who have previously appeared on the show include Raoul Bhaneja (Nicholas Bastin), Steve Cumyn (Jonathan Knopp), Greg Bryk (Ellison Blake), and Keenan Jolliff (Keenan Jolliff) (Zachary Solomon).

Is there any chance of renewal?

Before moving ahead, let’s see possible reasons for its cancellation. Firstly, the ratings on TV Ratings Guide are very low, making the reception of next season also low. If Peacock plans to create more suspense for the next coming season, it might not be possible. Unlike other shows, where enthusiasts got together to renew seasons for cancelled shows, it might not be the case for this show. 

Is there any chance that “The Lost Symbol” may be revived? Based on the current state of affairs, it appears that it is feasible but unlikely. Peacock may change her mind and let Langdon go on another adventure, or another network could come in and save the show. However, neither the streamer nor the viewers appear to be particularly enthusiastic about this happening.


Since the show almost stands cancelled, there is no official trailer for the next season.

But, let’s keep our fingers crossed that something incredible happens and the show gets revived. How much chance do you think its renewal has?

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