The Losers Netflix: Publish date, Crew, Plot, and further details

The Losers movie is one of those stunning movies which you can’t ignore. Even though the movie is rated a bit low on iMDb yet that rating does not justify the beauty it is.

The flick may get aired on Netflix very soon.

The movie ended with the Losers assisting Pooch to arrive at the hospital where his pregnant spouse is delivering their offspring and accompany Jensen’s eight-year-old niece’s football event. We may get to see the movie on Netflix anytime from now.

Release Date 

The movie is scheduled to be out on 1st August 2021. The viewer will be enabled to watch the movie on the given date. So do get a subscription for the same and enjoy the movie.

Source: Netflix


  • Idris Elba playing the role of Roque.
  • Zoe Saldana functioning as Aisha.
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan playing the part of Clay.
  • Chris Evans pretending to be Jensen.
  • Columbus Short acting as Pooch.


Clay (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan) accompanied by his crew is part of an elite US Special Forces Unit. Furthermore, the group is addressed by an unidentified woman to impose revenge on the group’s handler, Max, who misled them.


Well, the trailer is already available on YouTube. Fans of the show can check out the trailer by clicking here

Go and enjoy the trailer. 

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