The Loki boss unveils secrets you might have neglected about Sylvie details.

Director Kate Herron from Loki disclosed a secret episode two detail, which fans probably could not find. However, Herron spoke to reporters, didn’t disappoint, and was pushed to develop Easter eggs undiscovered in the Disney+ MCU series.

“It is more than just a cool thing we created,” she says. “It’s less than an Easter egg.” ‘So if people go back and see Sylvie’s variant in the shadows, it’s impossible to determine what Loki’s version it might be, so we had a double stunt of women and males who we swapped between those sequences,’ she says.

“So it might be rather fun.” Asked whether this explicitly refers to episode 2, Herron continued: “Yeah, so I guess we have a bit changed it, especially in the oil field, when Sylvie is in her cap.

Source: Screen Rant

“I wanted people to guess, so they didn’t necessarily know it was a Loki woman.” However, Sophia Di Martino, Sylvie actress, recently weighed down her character and expressed how it is not merely ‘Lady Loki.’

“I don’t think the storey we convey is about gender fluidity necessarily, but that Sylvie’s a Loki version, but Sylvie’s a person and the character of her right,” she remarked. Unfortunately, Loki is only on Disney+ streaming, where the season 1 episodes will be streaming on 14 July, Wednesday. 

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