Raspberry Pi which has been a leader in making micro-CPUs, has come with an all-new micro controller board and you won’t believe at the price at which it will be sold.

The name of the latest product by the company is Raspberry Pi Pico, a dual core microcontroller which will be sold for just $4. Thought it won’t be able to run a full operating system, but there are a lot of other things which will be easily done by the Pico like controlling motors, sensors and other electronics.

The chief operating officer at Raspberry Pi said that whatever you need are, either to have a great companion for your Raspberry Pi computer, or you want to start with a microcontroller, the Pico is the best product for you. 


It has been found that the Raspberry Pi Pico will be powered by a custom silicon by the company itself, named RP2040 Systems on a Chip (SOC). The RP2040 will be able to run at up to 133 Hz with the help of Arm Cortex M0+ processors. The system will have a 264K of SRAM and a 2MB of storage.

Chris Adams, The COO, added that they tried to look for a different a better silicon in the market but they couldn’t find the best products. hence, they made their own custom one. 

The company has been working on the product for last 4 years and they had made their first product ready for testing in 2018, they tried to find out issues and bugs and worked on it to fix them and finally they added the final one into the Pico.

Although it is a product by Raspberry Pi, it is not the same with the computer systems that company manufacturers and even different from the Raspberry Pi Zero which comes for $5.

The product is available at the official store on Raspberry Pi from where you can grab it. There will be a proper guide and tutorials for you to understand how the device works.

So, how did you like the new Raspberry Pi Pico?


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