The Kissing Booth 3, Netflix: Release date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and more details

The first part of the Kissing booth was released in the year 2018 while the second was out in July 2020. In the previous movie, Elle had to face several challenges as she had agreed to go to college while maintaining her friendship with Lee Flynn and her relationship with Noah Flynn. 

We have some information about the new upcoming Kissing Booth 3, let’s see them while we move ahead. 


Get ready fans, the makers of the movie, and Netflix have decided to release the classic on 11th August 2021. The holdup for the third part is almost at its end. We will soon get to watch this movie on Netflix. 

Everyone is eager to know what’s gonna transpire with Elle in the upcoming movie. Well, it’s gonna unravel very soon.

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The Cast for the upcoming installment remains the same as the previous ones.

  • Elle played by Joey King.
  • Joel Courtney functioned as Lee Flynn.
  • Jacob Elordi played the part of Noah Flynn. 
  • Taylor Perez pretending to be Marco. 
  • Meganne Young playing the part of Rachel.
  • Camilla Wolfson functioned as Mia. 


Earlier, Elle was encountering the judgment if she should go to Harvard to reside with Noah or take off to Berkeley to maintain her friendship vow to younger Flynn. Clearly, she is yet to decide the same. 

Whereas, Elle succeeds to calm things with Noah’s recent companion Chloe after a misconception.


One can watch the trailer of the movie on YouTube. Or you can just click here to watch the same. 

So go and check out the trailer as soon as possible and if, in case, you are yet to see the earlier parts of the flick do watch both of them and be prepared for the third one.

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