Isaiah Rashad, a rapper from Chattanooga, Tennessee, released his debut studio album, The Sun’s Tirade, five years ago. Five years in the rap game is an eternity, and Rashad has been largely absent from the scene for the majority of that time.

Rashad, on the other hand, has returned with his follow-up, following a lengthy absence from the scene. Rashad’s record label, TDE, has given his new album The House Is Burning a grand release, and that album is now available for purchase.

Even within the setting of TDE, Isaiah Rashad is a rapper who is primarily concerned with himself. His songs are serious and introspective, and he never comes across as someone who is attempting to generate a hit. The House Is Burning, on the other hand, has a slew of high-profile guests, including Lil Uzi Vert, 6LACK, Smino, and Rashad’s TDE labelmates SZA and Jay Rock.

We’ve already uploaded a slew of early singles from The House Is Burning, including “Lay With Ya,” “Headshots (4r Da Locals),” and “Wat U Said.”

We’ve also shared the non-album Schoolboy Q collaboration “Runnin’,” which was previously unavailable. The entire album will be released tonight, and you can listen to it in its entirety here.


Where was Isaiah Rashad gone?

It’s a straightforward question with a thorny answer. Let us begin with the known unknowns. The Sun’s Tirade, a hymnal of candid, neurotic, soulful psalms constructed on boom-bap and benzos, was released on the last weekend of summer 2016 by the Chattanooga-raised nomad.

The TDE single, which included Kendrick Lamar and SZA, won him critical acclaim, public adoration, and 500,000 streams. In promotional interviews, he admitted to having a drinking problem and a Xanax habit that damaged his gut lining.

 Following that, a sold-out national tour and festival appearances were scheduled. Rashad, who is poised to become one of his generation’s most acclaimed artists, has openly pledged to be more productive. Then he instantly disappeared.

It’s not like anyone needed milk cartons with the words “Have You Seen This Rapper?” Instagram is a real thing. Rashad gave out snatches of new music in his intermittent live transmissions, but usually, he just showed footage of himself doing extremely ordinary crap.

 I’m living the life of a typical 20-something, smoking dope, getting haircuts, and making Popeyes run. This was the same boy who dropped out of Middle Tennessee State to serve burgers at Hardee’s and pursue his rap ambitions, only now he had his own children. He appeared to have made it.

But with Isaiah Rashad, nothing is ever as it appears. He’s an open book full of cryptic koans and contradictions: generous as a shirt off his back and coolly cynical, savagely confident and full of self-doubt, relentlessly focused and entirely free. A loner who, with the right drugs, can be the life of the party.


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