“The Great British Bake Off” Has A Celebrity Edition, And These 27 Moments Prove It’s The Absolute Best

Here’s a carefully curated selection of 27 Celebrity Bake Off moments that embody what it means to be chaotic good.

  1. When comedian Russell Brand immediately established that being on the show is Serious Business™. Russell Brand said, “It’s like being in the shadow of greatness,” and added, “Divinity is a marquee.”
  2. When comedian James Acaster opened the oven to check on his flapjacks and discovered nothing but the void. He wished he was dead as it is the worst experience of his life.
  3. And the flapjack crisis resulted in one of the most iconic Bake-Off quotes: “Started making it. Had a breakdown. Bon appetit.”
  4. James McAvoy’s cunning plan to get a member of the crew to explain to him why his dough was so damp. He planned to say, “It feels a bit wet” but nobody noticed unfortunately.
  5. When Russell tried to remind the judges why they were all there, but Prue held her ground on the subject of his oddly colored, overcooked brownies.
  6. Daisy Ridley technically describing her methods to Paul. 
  7. Queer Eye style expert Tan turning the tables on Paul and roasted him in front of him.
  8.  Paul was cutting biscuit and said, “Nice Crack!”. Tom commented, “Thank you, but what do you think about the short bread.” The comedian never leaves to seize an opportunity.
  9. YouTuber KSI hopelessly watching as approximately 90% of his bake leaked onto the counter.
  10. When Russell pitched an exceptionally personal showstopper to the judges and Prue, as per usual, was unfazed. He commemorated the biscuit as a symbol of birth. He commented, “The cosmic vagina as the portal of all life.”
  11. And Russell presenting the final creation to the judges with a heartfelt speech about the nature of life and also vaginas. Receiving a “fantastically good” comment by Prue.
  12. Documentarian and journalist Louis Theroux admitted that he preferred his day job.
  13. Comedian Katherine Ryan highlighting how baking can also be a time for meditation.
  14. Nicola Coughlan (of Derry Girls) was mystified as she grilled the sponge of cake which is quite unusual.
  15. Tim Minchin thought he wanted to be an inspiration to the youth, but discovered he couldn’t be bothered.
  16. And when he recovered just in time to deliver a timely message about both wealth inequality and the importance of being able to bullshit on the spot.
  17. Joe Lycett saw where his fruit turnovers were headed and made a run for it, eventually stealing a cake from the display table.
  18. Dancer Perri Kiely did a backflip after receiving a coveted Paul Hollywood handshake.
  19. When comedian and actor Aisling Bea needed a lil’ something to soothe the nerves before attempting to make muffins. She took a swig of the beer which was supposed to be for muffins.
  20. Russell getting real with Paul Hollywood about the difficulties bakers have to face daily.
  21. Joe declaring his love for Paul, only to be cruelly rejected.
  22. Aisling made a cake inspired by the LGBTQ+ community, only to worry that the final result may not be entirely welcome.
  23. Jamie Laing tried to make banana bread and instead delivered a “vile” gel cake.
  24. Russell getting poetic in the face of a flawed Swiss Roll.
  25. Jenny Eclair painting a vivid picture with both her words and her profiteroles.
  26. Siobhán McSweeney stood up for her cultural traditions when no one else would (because it was made up.)
  27. And finally: James keping his spirits high and his standards low in a cream horn technical challenge.


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