The Good Karma Hospital’s Amanda Redman Reveals Traumatic Childhood Injury Inspired A Storyline On The Show!!

Hello Readers! Are you a huge fans of famous medical drama named The Good Karma Hospital, if yes, then today’s article is for you as it will unleash the truth behind the script of the drama!

The main character of the amazing drama named Amanda Redman, who sketched the role of Dr. Lydia Fonseca has unleashed the traumatic childhood injury which inspired the storyline of the show!

So, scroll down folks!

The Good Karma Hospital
The Good Karma Hospital

About The Trauma!

When she was just 18 months old, a bowl of hot boiling soup fall over her body and left scars over 75 percent of her body.

Folks, it’s so horrible and terrific to think and what would have happened to the family? Comment your thoughts!  

After the horrific incident, when her parents took her to the hospital, she was so awfully damaged that doctors declared Amanda clinically dead, but the one who is protected by God is not gonna killed.

She had gone through many surgeries and skin grafts which seems more painful for parents more than herself. Until five years, she stayed in the hospital, where her parents were allowed to meet her during certain time.  

After this incident, she was left with so many burns all over her body and those scars will never let her forgot the bad incident. All her initial memories are of the hospital and we can’t imagine the pain their parents have gone through.

Connect Between The Reality And Medical Drama!

The very first season of the ITV drama was premiered on 5th February 2017 with six blockbusting episodes. She convinced the creator Dan Sefton, to portray her incident as an acid burn case of Jyoti.

Creators showed Jyoti’s acid burn case in season three which premiered in 2019.

After the incident, Amanda also involved in many social works and after so many surgeries still she has the worst burn marks in her left arm. But fans, beauty lies in the eyes of beholder!

And her burn marks, never let her stunning acting talent down!

Hence, stay in touch to know more fresh updates!

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