Have you heard about the latest rumor regarding the Rockstar Games Company? No! Then read on as we have an important piece of information for you.


Everyone knows that Rockstar Games are the developers of the famous GTA V, the best open world crime game available in today’s world. Apart from GTA games, Rockstar Games are also known for making the Red Redemption 2. With so many new games coming in 2020, GTA fans had started to demand for GTA VI. Rockstar games responded by saying that they were working but on what, no one knew. Now a long time Rockstar Games employee has accidentally revealed that Rockstar Games are working on something, but it may not be GTA VI.

According to the employee the game they are working on is still unnamed. The accidental revelation has set the gaming community on fire. Some gamers who were doing data mining in GTA V and Red Redemption 2 are all excited and have increased their efforts to retrieve clues. Rockstar games are known for producing top quality games and whatever they are working on is going to be of top quality.

The rumor seems legitimate as in 2020, Rockstar Games had a good year as their GTA Online game earned them a lot of money. In 2020 GTA Online saw a massive increase in the number of users and the sales of GTA V also went up. The point is, maybe, Rockstar Games wants to do something new. GTV VI will come, but when will it is anyone’s bet.

What do you think? Is Rockstar Games actually working on GTA VI only or is it something entirely new? Comment in the comment box.

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