Minecraft updates have resumed with the release of Mojang’s first Minecraft’s Beta Version of the year. Bedrock Edition Beta is a minor update that fixes a few bugs and introduces a few new features. Three new Froglight blocks have been added to the Minecraft’s Beta Version , and they can only be obtained by using frogs.

Froglight blocks come in three different colors: pearlescent, verdant (green), and ochre (yellow). Those without access to a spawner will have a difficult time obtaining the new blocks.

Froglight blocks are made by frogs. It is up to the players to guide a small Magma Cube frog to it, from which the Froglight block is formed when the Frog consumes the Cube.

The most difficult challenge is getting the two things as close to each other as possible. Because Magma Cubes only appear in the Nether, moving the frog from its swamp habitat to the Hellish biome will take a long time. Smaller Magma Cubes appear after larger ones have been defeated, necessitating yet another step in the process.

Froglight Blocks                                                                    

Aside from the return of Froglight blocks, the latest beta version of Minecraft adds visible damage to Iron Golems and Blast Furnaces, as well as the return of XP from Smokers. The changelog for the beta can be found below.

  • Frogs, according to the patch notes for Minecraft beta version,
  • The frog family now includes voices for frogs and tadpoles.
  • This is when a frog’s panic speed is ideal.
  • Tadpoles can now access the panic objective.
  • Glow Lichen and Frog are no longer compatible with a frog’s baby. Egg\sFroglight

Three new Froglight blocks have been released in Minecraft’s Beta Version (Pearlescent, Verdant, and Ochre)

You can find small Magma Cubes by luring Frogs to them. The Frog will consume the Magma Cube, dropping a Froglight block as a result. Each Frog variant has its own Froglight block.

  • Bug fixes and improvements in terms of efficiency and sturdiness
  • Entities saved in chunks may not be saved when leaving a world.
  • Certain seeds and worlds can now be loaded without crashing in the Mesa biomes.

White and Vanilla’s Comparability

Iron Golems’ health is now causing them to crack to varying degrees. Iron Ingots can be used to repair damaged Iron Golems.

  • The brightness of Glow Lichen is now comparable to that of Java Edition.
  • Foxes used to pounce on their prey from above.
  • The green emerald icon above a Villager’s head is no longer visible during trading.
  • Butchers, cartographers, librarians, and wandering traders now have new trade tables.
  • After attacking villagers, Iron Golems will now only attack players with a very low village reputation.


The names of experimental switches can now be correctly pronounced by text-to-speech (TTS).

  • A new command, ‘/damage,’ enables players to deal damage to other players or entities.
  • When Cocoa Beans are placed with the ‘/setblock’ or ‘/fill’ commands, there is no longer an error.
  • The positioning of the feature
  • Large Dripstone no longer produces lava on top of the dripstones.
  • Pointed Dripstone clusters can now only produce one-height stalagmites.

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