The fresh Google Pay resembles a chat app, Plex banking service will be rolling out in the following year

Google has a newer version of the Google pay application. It seems that it resembles a chatting application. The newer version shows the list of all the contacts that you have on your smartphone, furthermore, the transactions made through the .app are also designed to appear as a message. 

A group of people can come together and can even develop a group chat and divide the payment at the hotels or while paying rent accordingly. Moreover, one could be able to deliver messages through the app. 

This latest version of Google pay is initially going to launch in the U.S.A. This is a portion of Google’s setup for the future of making online transactions. To make this happen, the company has even allied with 11 banks and credit unions in order to introduce its Plex Accounts. This Plex is going to roll out in 2021 and will again launch initially in the USA. 


The latest version of Google Pay will aid you in keeping an eye on your expenditure. Moreover, if your G Pay is linked to your bank accounts, then you will get a report at the very end of that month. 

The newer version will allow you to browse your transaction history. Moreover, just like you get google smart in photos, similarly, you can look for anything and enter the search and the newer version of Google pay will help you go through the related payment. 


In this newer version, the company has made some modifications to enhance the protection and secure the privacy of the consumer. The private data of the consumer will not be shared with any third-party application and even not with the remaining google for aiming ads. 

This version will acquire high-security. For example, the app will notify and warn you in case you’re making a transaction with an unknown.

One could be able to utilize their payment history in order to personalize Google pay. This function is by default turned off, in case you desire to explore you could be able to try the same for three months and then conclude whether to continue or turn it off. 


Let’s just wait for the update to roll out. Hope that this update will please the consumers of the company. It does sound interesting. Let us know your views and stay connected.


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