The filing of The Flash season 6 paused after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Moreover, fans were left with a cliffhanger. Now, the Arrowverse series is all set to return next month for its new season. In the upcoming part, The Flash will not only have to solve the dangling plot points from the previous season but also chart a new future. Before watching The Flash Season 7, here is everything you should remember about the Scarlet Speedster’s adventures.

In season 6, we saw Team Flash fall apart by the villainous new Mirror Master in Eva McCulloch. After being trapped by her husband, Joseph Carver, Eva decided to take revenge by trapping the team members of The Flash in the Mirror Dimension. Later, she replaced them with their doppelgangers, who are loyal to her agenda. The first targets of Eva were Cisco Ramon’s girlfriend Kamilla Hwang, Iris West-Allen, and David Singh, who succeeded in freeing Eva. Then, the heroes discover that the members trapped in the Mirror Dimension will fade away soon.

Team Flash began to notice changes before Eva started to target the S.T.A.R. Labs ensemble. Moreover, Allegra Garcia formed a father-daughter bond with Nash Wells and joined a news organization. On the other hand, Cisco became an expert on the new Earth following Crisis. Furthermore, he documented all the changes he noticed from the old reality. Besides, Caitlin Snow made a mutual understanding to share her body with her Killer Frost, who is her dark side. 

The end of season 6 left several hints on how the new season will proceed. We believe that Hartley Sawyer won’t be coming back as the Elongated Man. Showrunner Eric Wallace hinted that the new season would be resolving all the cliffhangers related to Mirror Master. Furthermore, Joe West will examine his role as Central City Police Captain, while Eobard Thawne, Barry Allen’s nemesis, might return in the future after attempting to take over Nash Wells’s body. You can also check out the ending scene of the finale episode of The Flash season 6 below.

Final Words

The future seems bright for the series. Furthermore, Flash season 7 will resolve all the plot threads. Fans will get to see more adventures of Barry Allen and Team Flash. The series will return with stars Grant Gustin, Tom Cavanaugh, Candice Patton, Carlos Valdes, Jesse L. Martin, as well as, Danielle Panabaker. Plus, The Flash season 7 will air on The CW, on February 23, 2021. You can stream all six seasons of The Flash on Netflix.

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