The Finest Video Games from Finnish Developers

You may not particularly associate Finland with video game developers, but in fact, the Scandinavian country has more than 250 active video game developer studios. The most successful companies include Supercell, Remedy Entertainment, Housemarque, Rovio Entertainment, and Frozenbyte. To demonstrate just how great Finnish developers are, here is a look at the very finest video games that hail from Finland.

Angry Birds

Whether you like to play first-person shooters and MMORPGs or whether you enjoy games such as roulette and blackjack that you can play at an online casino like Kazoom, you can find all manner of games on the web today. If you want to play one of the best games in modern history, check out the world-famous Angry Birds from the Finnish game developer Rovio Entertainment. The casual puzzle game has become a phenomenal success since it was initially released for iOS and Maemo devices in 2009. It is now available for many different devices and consoles and has sold more than 12 million copies. If you have yet to play Angry Birds, the gameplay goes like this. You use a slingshot to launch birds at pigs that are stationed around different structures. The aim is to destroy all of the pigs. As you advance through the game, you get to use new types of birds, some of which have special abilities. For loads of avian-fueled and pig-destroying fun, look no further than the smash hit that is Angry Birds.


In this multidirectional shooter game from Finnish company Bloodhouse, you get to play a game not too dissimilar to the classic Asteroids. But it stands on its own merit due to the amazing graphics, for 1993 anyway, and lots of options like shields and power-ups. In fact, Stardust’s graphics drew much critical acclaim, particularly for the game’s thrilling tunnel section and its liberal use of ray-tracing. Bloodhouse has now merged with Terramarque to form the company Housemarque. If you want some retro shooting-in-space action, Stardust is just as enjoyable to play today as it was back in the ‘90s.

Rally Trophy

The historic rally simulation game Rally Trophy was released in 2001 for PC. Twenty years later, it still stands up as one of the best PC rally games around. It was developed by the Finnish company Bugbear Entertainment and was published by the Austrian company JoWooD Productions for Microsoft Windows. According to Pelit, a well-known Finnish gaming magazine, the game sets the standard for all future driving games. We tend to agree. Not only is the gameplay fast, furious, and fun. The graphics are also simply stunning. Furthermore, each car behaves very uniquely and realistically, so if you are a fan of rally racing, this game will really appeal. Rally Trophy has been nominated for several awards and upon its release, it won GameSpot’s Best Driving Game on PC award.

Max Payne

If there is one game from Finland that people the world over love, it is Max Payne. While the 2008 film adaptation may have been a flop, the three Max Payne video games remain firm favorites among gamers. The original Max Payne game was released in 2001 for Microsoft Windows. It has since been released on numerous platforms. The neo-noir third-person shooter involves the protagonist Max Payne switching from being a New York cop to a vigilante after his family is killed by drug addicts. Needless to say, Payne wants his revenge; especially as he has also been framed for the murder of his partner Alex Balder. The Max Payne franchise, developed by Finland’s Remedy Entertainment, has sold over 7.5 million copies. If you have not yet played any of the Max Payne games, it is about time you did. Though, the first installment is still the best.


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