The Doom game series is always referred to as being the best game series involving shooting of monsters. 

The game developer id Software branded them as horror games but the games are heartbeat raising and exhaustive and not scary. The Doom game series is famous for its shotguns and interestingly Doom 3 is infamous for the same. How is that? Allow us explain.


The shotgun is a vital element of Doom 1 and 2 games. The gun in the first two games was really powerful and became the go to weapon of many players playing the game. The shotgun matched the requirement of every level ad game mode present in the games. 

The weapon itself packed a powerful punch. Monsters and ghosts, small and big alike could be blistered away within minutes with this weapon. In Doom 1 the shotgun had a high damage output and a wide spread. In Doom 2 the gun became double-barreled which meant higher damage output and wider spread. 

More ammo was required to work with in the second game but players did not mind as the gun had become better. The huge success and popularity of the shotgun raised the expectations of the fans. They expected to see a better shotgun in the third game.

On the backdrop of the huge success of the first two games, id Software was troubled with the fact that players did not regard the games as being scary. 

They felt that they had failed in the task they had chosen to do. In order to make a more scary game rather than an amusing one, id Software made some changes in Doom 3. 

As a result the beloved shotgun of players became unreliable in terms of its power output. It worked in a funny way now which meant at times the shotgun was very powerful against not so powerful monsters and ghosts while at desperate times of need the shotgun did not have enough power. 

The franchise fans did not like this new shotgun and till date this remains the most hotly debated flaw of Doom 3.

Have you played Doom 3? If you have then tell us about your views on the shotgun featured in the game in the comment box.

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