Is photography and video making your forte? If yes then whenever you have to take any aerial shot what do you do. We are sure that you have to locate a high place from where you can take the shot. What if you had a drone with you. Things would be much easier. Well, here are the details of a new launched drone which might just perfect for you.

Mavic 3 Drone

The drone we will be talking about today is the DJI developed Mavic 3. This is a brand new, stunning looking drone with some heavy video shooting and photo taking capabilities. The drone comes with a 20-megapixel Four Thirds CMOS sensor that is capable of taking RAW 20-megapixel images (still) and can shoot videos in 5.1K and 4K. The 5.1K videos shot will have a 50 fps and the 4K ones will have 120 fps. Just for your information, the sensor we are talking about is a new camera sensor developed by DJI. The drone has OOS (Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing) which helps it avoid obstacles and fly in difficult terrains. The drone has a 15-kilometer range and can fly back to you in case it gets out of range using its RTH system. Also, DJI says that the drone can fly with a person or vehicle, following them on its own and can also relocate them if they go in and out of a tunnel or around a mountain. This last feature is still a work in development though. The drone has a Cine version as well which has the added capability of shooting ProRes 422 HQ videos.

The base version has been priced at $2199 and the Cine version will come for $4999. Both the models are available on Amazon. Go grab your drone with this link

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