According to various insider sources, the former couple John Mulaney And Anna Marie divorce has been finalized. It’s been six months since the paperwork was submitted, and Malcolm, the comedian’s first child, was born just a few months ago. John Mulaney ’s PR has been contacted about the allegations

Mulaney completed a 60-day alcohol and drug rehabilitation program in December 2020. Following their breakup, Tendler, an artist, confirmed to Page Six via a representative: “I’m devastated by John’s choice to dissolve our marriage. I extend him my best wishes as he continues to recuperate.”

Mulaney was spotted with actress Olivia Munn afterword of his divorce from Tendler broke in May. They made their romance public after being spotted together at Rick’s Drive-In & Out in Los Angeles in June.

Mulaney and Munn’s visit to Late Night With Seth Meyers in September revealed shocking news: they were expecting a child. Munn replied, reflecting on the previous few months and the terrible life events that had occurred, “We’ve been through hell together, and now we’re expecting our first kid. It’s finally time for me to become a father. I’m thrilled, and we’re both overjoyed.”

Malcolm Hip Mulaney was born in November, and the couple revealed the first photo of their new family member in December. Mulaney and Munn have been sharing adorable photos of their baby on social media as a result.

John Mulaney and Anna Marrie filed for divorce after 6 long years

According to sources, her divorce from her ex-husband has been finalized. The comedian has filed for divorce from Olivia Munn, six months after the birth of their son Malcolm. Mulaney’s crew has been contacted for comment.

Mulaney and Tendler married in July of this year in Boiceville, New York. ET has learned that the pair will divorce in May 2021, after six years of marriage. They do not have a common family. Mulaney went to rehab for alcohol and drug abuse for 60 days in December 2020. Following their breakup, artist Tendler told Page Six via a publicist, “I am heartbroken as a result of John’s decision to end our marriage. I extend him my best wishes as he continues to recuperate

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