The Crown season 5 – Netflix release date, cast and plot

Heyy everyone!

Season 4 of “The Crown” has recently released having IMDB of 8.7/10. But fans are getting no chill and are already demanding for season 5.

They are very curious to know when Netflix is going to premiere Windsor dynasty drama.

When will season 5 is getting released?

Good news!

It is very sure that season 5 is going to hit the screen pretty soon.

But the filming will start only after June 2021, means that it will be down by 2022. 

Who will be going to get casted in season 5?

  • Queen Elizabeth- Role will be played by Imelda Staunton 
  • Prince Philip- Role will be played by Jonathan Pryce
  • Princess Margaret- Role will be played by Lesley Manville
  • Princess Diana- Role will be played by Elizabeth Debicki
  • Prince Charles- Role will be played by Dominic West

Other supporting casts appearing will be The Queen Mother, Princess Anne, Prime Minister Tony Blair, Prince Edward, and Prince Andrew.

The casts seem to be damn interesting!

How much time will The Crown season 5 will cover?

The series was started from 1992, which was a very quick and strong regime for royals.

In former seasons and this season, we will anticipate to see:

  • Princess Anne giving divorce to Captain Mark Phillips.
  • Announcement made by Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson about their separation.
  • Fire at Windsor Castle because of negligence.
  • Prince Charles and Princess Diana giving divorce to each other on 28th August 1996.
  • In 1997, cold blooded murder of Princess Diana was also shown

Here you can check out the top facts of “The Crown” which got right-

How will season 5 will get start?


Season 4 spined around relationship of Charles and Diana, which covered the time series till 1990s Christmas. 

Margaret Thatcher gave resignation from the post of Prime Minister. 

Despite of attempts of Prince of Wales to separate Charles and Diana, they were still together. But, at the end Diana got into relationship with James Hewitt while Charles was dating Camilla Parker- Bowles.

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