“The Crown Is Fiction”: UK minister wants Netflix to add health warning

Hit series of Netflix “The Crown” should proclaim that the storyline and content of this series is based on the fiction only. There is no intention to harm the reputation of British Royal Family.

How it is proved?

On Sunday, cultural minister Oliver Dowden said via mail that “This series is a work of fiction created beautifully. Netflix should make it clear right from the beginning”.

What Dowden requests?

Dowden simply requests US streaming giant to add a short snippet of health warning before each episode of “The Crown”.

Let us know in the comment section do you all need the same or not!

Words from third parties:

An anonymous friend of Prince Charles told that, “It is quite weird that Morgan (scriptwriter) is using these kinds of stuff in light entertainment and people are not reviewing it.”

Brother of Princess Diana said that, “I have recently contacted with Netflix and they said that some scenes are fictional.”

Something about “The Crown”:

Latest episodes of the series follow the story of life of Queen Elizabeth ll along with her closed ones. Including Prince Charles and his fragile marriage with his wife Diana.

The British Royal Family believes that the series is hurting monarchy. More to Prince Charles.

Now, you all can have some facts gone right and wrong of the series- 

Some records of “The Crown”:

Got IMDB of 8.7/10, 70 million fans have already binged this series which have reached to its fourth season because of love and support by its audience since 2016 after its first season. All the episodes are streaming now on Netflix.

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