The Creators Of The Bay Want To Do A Season 4

The popular crime series of ITV, The Bay released its third season on 12th January 2022. As always that show was directed by Julia Ford. Given its popularity some people have already started to ask the question whether or not The Bay will return for a fourth season. Ahead we give you an answer to this question.

The Future Of Bay

Right now, it is not really clear whether or not the show will return for its fourth season. The show creators and writers are optimistic that there will be a fourth season of the show. They said that the response from the audience since season one has been overwhelming. The audience has really embraced and loved the characters that they have created. It gives them immense pleasure to see that the show is doing so well and they would love to give back more to the audience by releasing new seasons one after the another. But they also added that it was up to the audience after all. If the audience give a similar response to season 3 then there is no reason why there won’t be a season four of the show. Another reason why the show may return is because its newest edition Marshall Palmerston is really enjoying her new role of DS Jenn Townsend. She also conveyed the same on in an interview with the Digital Spy. She said she would love to come back but also admitted the fact that it might be difficult for her to establish a balance between her family and her work. This statement is justified as Marshall is a mother of an 8-year-old daughter. She lives with her daughter in Los Angeles and the set of the show is in Morecambe. Simply it is very far for everyday commute and the girl is too young to be left alone.

We will have wait and see what happens.

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