The couple kept 5-year-old granddaughter secured in a canine enclosure, cops say.

The casualty allegedly called the home ‘the mean house’. An Oklahoma couple and a companion were captured Monday amid claims that they kept their 5-year-old granddaughter detained in a canine confine at their messy, jumbled home. 

Charles DeRonda, 63, and the casualty’s lawful watchman, Mary DeRonda, 59, are blamed for saving the young lady in a confine for significant periods between November 1 and December 15, 2020. The casualty was 4 years of age when the maltreatment began, and she depicted her grandparents’ home as “the mean house,” as per the Oklahoman. 

Police got included on December 15, after accepting a report in regards to an inebriated lady heading out from a medical clinic with a small kid close by. A social specialist portrayed the young lady as “incredibly grimy, rank, and unkempt,” while a criminologist said the house was loaded up with trash and decaying food, as indicated by the media source. 

The 5-year-old allegedly disclosed to her transitory non-permanent parents of the canine confine she was kept in at her grandparents’ home. The Oklahoman announced that the young lady additionally said her granddad would not take care of her or permit her to utilize the restroom. 

A police report suggested that “She showed the size of the enclosure, by accepting a fetal position, saying that when she was in the confine, she was unable to move and that occasionally they would place a canine in there with her”. 

The young lady additionally said she was placed in the confine when she was “irritating” or was being rebuffed, as per KOCO. 

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Officials purportedly took into proof a wire canine carton from a capacity unit which was estimated 28 inches in length, 18 inches wide, and 19 inches tall. The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is trying hairs found in the carton to check the young lady’s story, as per The Oklahoman. 

Jeremy Lee Cook, 46, was blamed for oftentimes visiting the DeRondas’ home. KFOR detailed that he was Charles DeRonda’s companion. 

KOCO revealed that he was captured Monday for youngster maltreatment by injury. He is likewise accused of threatening behavior with a hazardous weapon and theft in a random 2019 case. 

DeRondas are supposedly separated however were living respectively. They are accused of kid disregard. KFOR detailed that the casualty is in defensive authority.


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