The Complete Review on ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ on Xbox Series X is a showcase for Microsoft’s console and cloud

Travelling to anywhere in the world is dangerous right now given the present world scenario. In times like these, flight simulation games like the Microsoft Flight Simulator come handy. A latest version of the game has come out on the Xbox Series X. Lets dive right into it to explore what is new. 

A game that showcases the console’s power.

To make things clear, we would like to declare that the game we are talking about is not a new one. Only an updated version of a game that came the previous year has been released again. This has been done so to mainly showcase the power of the Xbox Series X console and the Microsoft cloud. The updated version is using the new Azure cloud technology to enhance the gaming experience and the A.I. has been recalibrated to provide a improved air traffic experience. The game itself works smoothly on the console. Also this is the first Microsoft Flight Simulator to be released on a console. The game also features real time weather for a even more authentic experience. The console proves it that a game like a flight simulator can be played on a console and that too seamlessly. 

What do the gamers say.

The gamers say that price wise, the game is value for money as it comes in two packs – deluxe and default. The default comes for $ 59.99 and the deluxe for $ 89.99. The gamers did not like the fact that for now the game is only available on the Xbox Series X and S and not on the Xbox One. A lot of things have been changed to make the game console friendly and the changes have not gone done well with the gamers. 

Have you played the new Xbox Series X version of the game so far?  Comment down your views if you have. That’s all for the hour, bye!


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