The Chinese Manufacturer, Vivo agrees to the November 19 event for launching its latest Origin OS

The Chinese Smartphone Manufacturer already ascertained that they are going to supplant the earlier FuntouchOS with a fresh User Interface (UI) that is known as Origin OS. 


Vivo has even disclosed its new slogan for the new User Interface that goes as follows “BRAVE NEW WORLD”, as they are launching their new UI on 19th November 2020. 

The Company is going to unfurl the same during the VDC 2020 event (Vivo’s Developers Conference). 

 The Operating system is named Origin OS, named after Origin Studio. The team who have struggled concurrently to create such a stunning User Interface. 

The previous User Interface, FuntouchOS editions were over customized and that led to a reduction in the presence of stock Android appearance. And that became outdated eventually so they had to develop something more pleasing and attractive to users. 

So, the new UI treads towards the modern concept of UI. This latest UI by Vivo is expected to provide an abrupt toggle within the neat OS and the latest one that is yet to be launched. 

The time is not that far when we’ll be aware of the fact that if the feature is truly embedded or not in the update. In any case, if the same is true then it’ll be very interesting as it will be a very unique development by the company. It’ll make the UI more attractive, as the users will be able to switch as and whenever they want. 

Hope that this update by Vivo in order to replace the old UI with a new and better one will be excellent. Users will be longing for this update to launch. 


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