The Chair (Season 1): Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and more details

Netflix has come up with yet another Comedy Drama show for its viewers. The show is named “The Chair” and is going to roll out very soon. The filming of this show concluded in April and is all set to launch. 

What do we have about the upcoming classic comedy show:


The upcoming comedy-drama series is scheduled to launch on 20th August 2021. So, viewers, be prepared for another hilarious Netflix show. 

Many of you might have already heard of this show earlier somewhere while it was being filmed so several may be waiting for it to air as soon as possible. However, the day isn’t too far. 

Source : popculturetimes


There are several popular cast in the show, whom you might have seen earlier in another flick. They are as follows: 

  • Sandra Oh acts as Dr. Ji-Yoon Kim. Also, she is the executive producer of the series. 
  • Jay Duplass plays Professor Dobson. He has also appeared in Outside In.
  • Holland Taylor pretending to be Professor Joan. 
  • Bob Stephenson acting to be Horatio. 
  • Mallory Low plays Lilah. 
  • Bob Balaban playing Professor Elliot Rentz. 
  • Everly Carganilla acts as Ju-Hee.
  • Nana Mensah pretending to be Yaz McKay. 
  • David Morse acting as Dean Paul Larson. 


The plot revolves around Dr. Ji-Yoon Kim, Pembroke University’s recent English Department Chair, as well as the very initial female and individual of color in the function.


The makers and Netflix have already launched a sneak peek for the show. So you could go and have a glance at it or just click here to have a look at it. 

This sneak peek also looks funny as in all serious environments at the end of the teaser, Sandra falls down the chair, and it looks exceptionally funny.


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