The Call Movie: Will It Make an Impact? Or will it be a Flop?

Starring Heirs actress Park Shin Hye and Jun Jong Seo, The Call is a thriller film which recently got released on Netflix. The film was supposed to air in theaters but due to the ongoing pandemic, the movie arrived on the streaming service. After appearing in #ALIVE, Park Shin Hye has joined Jun Jong Seo in the blood bath. Let’s check out the story of the film in detail.

The main cast of The Call

Park Shin Hye plays as Seo Yeon.

Jun Jong Seo plays as Young Sook. 

The Call Plot

The Korean thriller film is set in two time zones, and both the lead characters are connected with the help of cordless phones. One day, Seo Yeon moves into a house which her dad had thought of buying. While arriving, she loses her phone on a train. She turns to a cordless phone and decides to track down her phone. Later on, she starts receiving mysterious calls from Young Sook. These two characters live in two different time zones but belong to the same reality.

When Seo Yeon realizes that Young Sook belongs to the time zone where her father died, the latter offers to save him. Everything goes according to their plans, but later on, Seo Yeon is unable to give time to Young Sook, which makes her angry. At the same time, it is revealed that Young Sook is not allowed to leave her house. Moreover, her stepmother is a Shaman who believes her daughter is possessed. So she tries various exorcism techniques to save her stepdaughter.

Seo Yeon finds out that Young Sook will get killed, so she tries to rescue her. When she saves herself from her death, she unleashes a pandora’s box of death. Now, Seo Yeon must save her family from the horrors that she unleashed accidentally. Will she succeed in saving them? For that, you will have to watch The Call. You can watch its trailer below.

Final Words

The concept and the storyline of the film seems interesting. One of the biggest questions we have is how are the phones connected. The film left the viewers with an open ending, letting them decide what happens next. There are a few loopholes in the flick but, apart from that, the film is good to watch. The actresses have delivered brilliant performances. 

Moreover, the concept of the film is very fresh, so we believe it will make an impact on the viewers.

Have you watched it? Let us know your views and keep reading the updates.


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