A few technology faux-pas has been made by the new Brexit trade deal agreement. This includes sources to programs which are from long-defunct computers. 

Its been insinuated that any document, that goes beyond the mark of 1,200 pages, has possibly used the copy-paste functions and also in a bit too liberally. This eventually results in the awkward inclusion of digital tools which are no longer used. 

As per reports, the Brexit agreement mentioned the use of modern e-mail software packages that includes Mozilla Mail, Netscape Communicator 4.x. as well as Outlook. 

 As we all know that Netscape Communicator and Mozilla Mail are no longer available, but on the other hand Outlook is still going good. The availability ended with the final major release of the latter program that came in the year 1997.

Moreover, the document selected instructs using the SHA-1 hashing algorithm and 1024-bit RSA encryption. Although, these are recommended security protocols, but are now outdated ones with a high risk of cyberattack. 

Text that has been used as references may have been taken as it is from an EU law document of 2008.  

Time to move ahead- 

The digital protocol has been taken by the UK Government is unlikely to have any bearing from the no longer relevant computer software. This still represents another awkward happening in a process, with an inordinate amount of government resources been taken.

The UK’s considerable vote to leave the European Union (EU) in June 2016 followed by the Brexit process that has almost taken the best part of 4 years to finalize. Although, this left the final trade agreement writers without giving them the required time to check and analyse their work for any outdated information.

People in the UK expecting the state to move in the time where they won’t seeing the Brexit process at the headlines. Apart from this the Home Office contending that only the latest technology is used by them to carry out there work. 

This is all from the Brexit deal and it’s hidden facts, if you have any question from the entire,  drip it down in the comments below. 


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