The Black Widow’s Captain America reference has been explained by Stranger Things star.

Black Widow actor David Harbor once addressed a reference to the trading punches of his Red Guardian character with Captain America. Of course, the actual name of this Soviet bruiser Alexei Shostakov is anyone who will listen to Steve Rogers recollections in the 1970s/80s, but how accurate are his stories?

Harbor cynically announced to the reporters that: “I’m going to say that 100%, they are true. One of Alexei’s fun is that I wasn’t interested. He doesn’t even realise it is lying. He doesn’t even know. I have to know reality sometimes as an actor because I know[if] the character is lying. I know the character. But Alexei thinks this thing is just true,” he said.

“There’s one thing, confabulation when people believe their lies to such an extent that they can’t even deal with the truth. It’s not [to them] meaningful. Alexei is the same way, I guess. He lives this reality entirely irrespective of what others have seen or heard,” he continued to explain.

Source : digitalspy

Cate Shortland, Black Widow Director, stated that Alexei is telling the truth simultaneously. “Together, I would want to see Alexei and Captain America,” she said. “I believe we know what would happen if we saw them together now. I don’t want to see his pants powdered by Alexei. This would happen, I believe. In the corner, you would discover that youngster weeping out his eyes.”

Black Widow is currently released in UK and US cinemas and has Premier Access on Disney+.


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