The Big Bang Theory’: 3 Ways Leonard and Penny Were Just Like Ross and Rachel of ‘Friends

It’s around a decade now from the famous TV show ‘Friends‘. And after watching Ross and Rachel connection in Friends now viewers have been linking this with Penny and Leonard Hofstadter’s love affair from the very famous show ‘The Big Bang Theory‘.

It can be said smart that followers are now interested in Penny and Leonard’s romance on The Big Bang Theory. This is obvious to happen as both of them shared a whole lot of similarities with the famous TV couple from Friends. 

Leonard and Penny from TBBT and Ross and Rachel from Friends they all have distinct pursuits in their academic. 

The TV couple Ross and Rachel emerged like an unlikely couple since from the beginning of the show. This because Rachel a fashionista was different from Ross a bookworm.  

The pair did find yourself altogether.  However, with time their superiority repeatedly precipitated the couple’s points. This eventually led to end up their relationship and ultimately decided to break up. 

Ross and Leonard both at the end of their relationship have pined for the ladies they beloved.

Ross and Leonard have been each enamoured with their loves which started before from the time when their women’s seen them. At the end of their relationship, they both usually pined for the relationships.

When both Ross and Rachel were collectively in the same high school, Ross started loving Rachel and their love story began. 

While on the other hand Penny and Leonard simply met as adults. With time Leonard was soon concerned about Penny. However, Penny didn’t initially see Leonard with a romantic mild.  

Their buddies we’re at all-time concerned about their romantic lives. 

Well, one cannot say it’s only the dynamic between the couples a related factor. In reality, the friendship teams and their dynamic was extremely related, too. 

In Friends, their entire friendship gang was completely concerned about Ross and Rachel’s romantic lives. Moreover, it’s the same in Penny and Leonard’s romantic lives from The Big Bang Theory where their buddies we’re concerned about their relationship. 

This is all about Penny and Leonard relationship on The Big Bang Theory similar to Ross and Rachel relationship from the very famous TV show Friends

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