For the most part of 2020, we had just free time and nothing else. Even then we missed out on some good but not so popular Nintendo Switch games. Now is the holiday season. So here are 20 games you may have missed out on. Look at them and play them if you haven’t till now.


Game NameDescriptionPlace available at
HoraceA fun game with amazing game play and characters. Must have for mystery lovers. Switch eShop
Bug Fables: The Everlasting SaplingA good card game full of secrets. Switch eShop
EvergateA good puzzle game with plenty of challenging puzzles.Switch eShop
To The MoonA short game with an interactive story. Good for causal gaming.Switch eShop
WunderlingAn innovative game where players cannot turn while walking.Switch eShop
Stories UntoldA chilling adventure game with good old styled things in the game.Switch eShop
Good Job!A good causal game with funny physics.Switch eShop
In Other WatersThe game is an odd one out but in a good way.Switch eShop
Lonely Mountains: DownhillAn amazing bike stunts game with plenty of levels.Switch eShop
AfterpartyA game with a good story set in a party.Switch eShop
LevelheadA good challenging game with a lot to offer.Switch eShop
HuntdownA highly detailed old school type arcade shooter.Switch eShop
LiberatedAn addictive game with an offbeat story.Switch eShop
Hypnospace OutlawA good puzzle game centered on the time when internet first entered our lives.Switch eShop
Invisible, Inc. Nintendo Switch Edition  A game were good tactics is the key to success.Switch eShop
The Eternal CastleA neo-retro masterpiece that is super addictive.Switch eShop
DungreedA roguelite game with good designs in game play.Switch eShop
Alwa’s LegacyA near perfect game that is worth a try.Switch eShop
Knights and BikesA game with a good story that compels one to play again and again.Switch eShop
Part Time UFOA game that provides sheer fun and is soothing to play.Switch eShop

Do try these games out and let us know in the comment box how they were.


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