The ongoing Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021 has been a very successful event with really great products released by great companies. we can really expect what the future might look like with the concepts that are currently being released. 

We have also seen some impressive robots by some companies which are really smart and able to do a lot of things.

We have a number of bots doing absolutely brilliant things in movies but experiencing something like that in real life is very different. We have witnessed really cool robots in the events and we just can’t wait to witness them in person.


LG Cloi UV-C – LG is not leaving any field where they could not deliver a product. From OLED TV to Rollable Phone to the robots the company really looks promising with its products. the company has made the product with keeping the eye on the covid-19 situations. the robots are specifically made to disinfect any high touch, or high traffic areas where if person goes, it will alert him already. LG is planning to sell it in the Hospitality market, retail, education, almost everywhere. The product will be available for sale in the USA by mid-2021.

Roborock 7 – The roborock 7 is a robot which will help you keep safe from any covid situations nearby plus it will also help you cleaning the house and Male sure that you don’t make it a mess again. The bot will cost you around $640 and will be released by March this year.

Moorebot Scout – This is a really interesting product with wheels. The bot will be able to patrol your house with off-roading wheels and keep you safe. It also has a 1080p camera which will make sure that there will be no threat in the surrounding.

Moflin – Moflin is the most interesting product in the list with AI powered technology. The robot will have emotional capabilities and will be able to learn and grow with time. The bot will also be able to evaluate the surroundings with an accelerometer and gyroscopes. It will be able to communicate with people also.

So, which one out of these did you like?


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