The CES 2021 event has really been successful with a ton of great devices and products released this year. Talking about the products released in the event, there is the list of best ones which quite stole the show.


LG OLED Evo TV Panel – LG has released a brand-new OLED panel which LG calls ‘Evo’. The company has been making the OLED TVs for a long time in the past and still making the same products. But as per the company, they have made a lot of changes and advancements in the TV. The company has featured a new luminous element in the panel which will provide the better watch experience by producing better quality images. 

Sony 360 Reality Audio Expansion – Sony has introduced a new 360 wireless speaker with a video streaming platform. The new speakers, Sony SRS-RA5000 and RA3000, are the two released products by Sony which are high resolution Wi-Fi speakers which produces a great sound experience.

LG Rollable Phone – LG have made quite an impression in the event with a variety of products launching one after another. LG has launched a rollable phone which will be a rollable device. Though it is a concept by the company but it seems like the future of mobile devices.

Samsung Neo QLED TV – Samsung has also made it to the list of one the best launches of the event with its new Micro LED TV. Samsung has launched a budget friendly product with mini LED backlighting. The product seems quite promising and people are really expecting a lot with it.

JBL’s 75th Anniversary HiFi – Just like the previous year, JBL has again launched a HiFi device celebrating its 75th anniversary. The company has made only 750 pairs of the device. The product is a newer and updated version of the JBL L100 Classic which was released in 2018.

More Technics True Wireless Earbuds – Technics has launched a new wireless earbud named EAH-Q270W which is one of the finest earbuds, as per the company. The product has really brilliant sound quality and this variant might come cheaper than the previous ones.

If you have been watching the event, you might know that these products are not even the teaser of what really happened in the event. There are a lot of brilliant products with best of the best qualities, by a number of companies. What did you like most out of the products released in the event?


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