The Best Female-Led Games of 2021

Historically, video games have centered on male protagonists, but this has begun to shift in recent years, with an increasing number of titles featuring a diverse array of female protagonists. 

Over the last decade, an increasing number of memorable video game characters have developed, from the angry vengeance storyline in “The Last of Us 2” to the relationship and mental health issues depicted in “Celeste.” 

Both indie and AAA game creators have begun to acknowledge the growing number of female players and the importance of including diverse perspectives and identities in their works.

The Best Female-Led Games of 2021
The Best Female-Led Games of 2021

5. Stranger Things Have Happened: True Colors

There are numerous “ordinary heroes” in the “Life Is Strange” series who discover they possess magical skills. The Strangeness of Life: True Colors: Alex Chen was debuted in 2021 as a young lady with the “psychological power of Empathy.” 

Alex realizes she possesses the ability to affect and feel the emotions of everyone around her after relocating to Haven Springs, Colorado, a power she utilizes to seek down the killer responsible for her brother’s death.

4. Returnal: Female-Led Games

The technological improvements of the PlayStation 5 enable the science fiction roguelike “Returnal” to explore previously imagined realms. The shooter demonstrates the full potential of next-generation technology, including 4K 60FPS ray tracing, lightning-fast load times, custom-designed haptic feedback, and adaptive trigger use. 

Players experience the beauty and peril of an ever-changing extraterrestrial landscape through the eyes of Selene, a space scout who challenges her superiors in order to discover the truth.

3. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

“Rift Apart,” the sixteenth installment in the iconic “Ratchet & Clank” series, was published in mid-2021 for the PlayStation 5 and did not disappoint. While the original “Rift Apart” protagonists will return, a new co-protagonist, female Lombax Rivet, will be added. 

2. Metroid’s read: Female-Led Games

“Metroid Dread” is a return to the franchise’s roots, reviving the old 2D side-scrolling gameplay of “Metroid Prime” and its ilk. Samus Aran, the bounty hunter, returns in her Power Suit to investigate the planet ZDR. Despite a 15-year development story, “Dread” exceeded the expectations of the majority of critics, giving a solid pace, hard fights, and a unique stealth-based system. Metaphorically, the term “Metroid” encapsulates all that distinguishes “Metroid.”

1. It Takes Two

“It Takes Two” is a truly unique game. It was created by co-op king Josef Fares of Hazelight Studios and is one of the few games that need two players. Cody and May are the story’s central characters. They are a middle-aged married couple on the edge of divorce. To save their marriage, Rose’s mother and father are imprisoned in two dolls and are at the mercy of an anthropomorphic relationship self-help book.

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