The Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges for Trading in 2021

Whether you desire to get into the world of cryptocurrency by purchasing a few coins or becoming a trader, you have to use an online platform. Even though there are a lot of cryptocurrency exchanges, not all of them are perfect. Most of them attract clients but don’t tell about pitfalls in the form of high commissions, low uptime, and poor support. If you don’t want to waste your time by examining a ton of different services to find the most reliable one that fits your needs, scroll down below. We have collected the top exchanges in 2021.


This one is considered the top service for traders. A large number of limitations are applied to the service by different governments. Nevertheless, it is one of the most reliable platforms that work seamlessly, even when the users’ activity is high. Traders like using the exchange because it supports roughly 100 coins and their one, Binance Coin (BNB)

It’s a great service if you want to invest in altcoins that are not popular. It has a simple-to-use interface and a mobile app so that users can trade 24/7 from anywhere. It’s a great choice because Binance fees are low, and transactions are fast. Unfortunately, the platform is not presented country-wide and offers a limited number of coins in the US. Also, their support team doesn’t respond simultaneously.


It is one of the most widespread exchanges for traders in the world. It also has a simple and easy-to-use interface, so you won’t get puzzled even if you’re a novice. Being a newbie, you will be guided to get started fast. The platform offers a lot of useful features for both individuals and corporate clients. Just like all forward-looking exchanges, they have a mobile app so that you can purchase a few coins while sitting in a coffee shop. 

It is a perfect tool for beginners who want to become skilled traders. Even though the platform has a simple onboarding process, they also have a lot of helpful guides. Therefore, if you’re a student who wants to get some extra money by trading cryptocurrency, choose Gemini. Don’t be shy typing a search request, “Who can I pay to write essay?” to delegate your homework and focus on learning how to trade crypto coins.

Besides, Gemini has some additional perks that attract a lot of clients. For example, users can get a credit card, so they won’t be required to pay large commissions when topping their accounts up. In addition, Gemini cardholders can get up to 3% cashback on purchases without paying any fees. Also, users can deposit their savings and get an 8.05% interest.


Kraken is an exchange for those who are not afraid to trade risky. It has a modern-looking interface. Unfortunately, it may not be very clear for new users. However, there are many guides, so you won’t get stuck using the service if you invest some time into discovering how it works. The platform offers the ability to trade more than 50 crypto coins. 

Worth noting, the number of coins is limited in the US, so it’s recommended to discover the crypto coins supported in your region before signing up for the platform. Also, they allow you to get started even if you’re a student who has only 10 dollars in your pocket. 

If you’re an undergraduate who wants to have more than ten bucks of spare money, use the best academic help service. It will help you get professional writing assistance that will not cost an arm and a leg. One of the main app’s benefits is the ability to monitor your trading activity. You can use both desktop and mobile applications to monitor the exchange rates, keep an eye on your portfolio, and check all your transactions.


It is one of the most widespread services that foresees the opportunity to buy and sell crypto coins hassle-free. It has a minimalist design that doesn’t distract from graphs and recent news. Also, the interface is intuitive, which makes the platform so popular. They have a mobile application so that people can purchase coins on the go. You are free to use your credit card to purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other coins in a few clicks. 

Thanks to the purity of the interface, the onboarding process is fast. You can sign up for Coinbase and start trading. No education is required. Nevertheless, some drawbacks don’t allow the platform to become the best on the market. For example, those who don’t have a pro subscription are required to pay a high fee, so that it’s a good solution for skilled traders only who can afford to pay an extra fee. Also, users don’t have control over wallet keys, which is a red flag for some traders.


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