You all know about The Bachelorette’s Ben Smith. He has a great friend circle of classy people. And with no surprise, he brings another celebrity with him. But the surprise is in knowing the celebrity. She is top chef Antonia Lofaso. Smith brought Lofaso as his hometown date.

Ben Smith brought Antonio in hometown episode of The Bachelorette

Well, those who are following the dramatic men Tell All for Tayshia’s The Bachelorette season must be surprised when they saw celebrity Antonia on the show. She was spotted for some seconds. She is well known for her appearance in Top Chef and Chopped.

Tuesday episode is going to be amazing for the fans as they know it will be hometown special and they will get the chance to question Ben and Antonia about their relationship and many more. Like who is Antonia? Is Ben’s sister? We will see. 

Well, some questions can be answered here. Yes, I will answer some of your questions. For those who are predicting Antonia as Ben’s sister let me clear that she is not his sister. This doubt arose when fans saw a lady which is familiar to them with Ben and then it was confirmed that she was none other than Lofaso.

Now, who is Antonia Lofaso? I am here to answer. Antonia Lofaso, 44 is a TV personality and Chef by profession. She is also a cookbook author and after all a mother. She quickly becomes America’s most beloved chef after she went to the Top chef show. She has been a part of several shows including CNBC’s Restaurant Startup, Cutthroat Kitchen, Iron Chef America, the Best thing I ever ate, and more. 

She remains active on social media as she loves to share her activities with the food. Let’s see the celebrity chef in action. Check below,

But the surprise is not revealed what she was doing with Ben Smith. Antonia and Ben share a unique relation. Ben is a gym trainer and he has his gym. Chef Lofaso takes training from Ben. So, things are clear that Ben is the gym trainer of the celebrity chef.

Well, questions are still there why Ben brings her with him? Where are Ben’s parents in this hometown? I am feeling very regretful because I don’t have the answers to these questions. We can assume that no one closes to Antonia for Ben in absence of his parents.


We can surely say one thing now that Antonia is very close to Ben and thus seen in the show. Well, the Tuesday episode is going to be more interesting. Share your valuable feedback with us.

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