The Andy Griffith show is a sitcom American television series that premiered on 3 October 1960, 80 years back from now!!

The protagonist of this disease is Andy Taylor who is a sheriff. He has a cousin named Barney. Andy seldom goes on fishing trips with his son Opie. Sheriff Andy Taylor was performed by Andy Griffith. Opie, Andy’s son was upheld by Ron Howard.

It is surprising!!

It might be astonishing to learn that Ron Howard did not know how to read when he was shooting for this in the 1960s because he was only 6. Although he managed to carry on his studies in a school it is interesting to know how Ron memorized the lines for his character Opie. He hardly knew how to read. The other costars and cast were handed the script and delivered their dialogues accordingly.

This role uplifted Ron’s career. Ron Howard’s father, Rance Howard, dictated the dialogues to Ron. He was also helped by other cast members. Ron listened to the lines many times before could enact it in front of the camera. 

It was Ron’s grasping power and dedication towards his role that he learned his lines and played the character so well. Opie had his shot and was loved by the fans so much.

He, further, became a director. 

A lot of blockbuster movies have come under his direction and bestowed him with the success. Have you watched Solo: A Star Wars Story, it was directed by Ron Howard!


This story of Ron justifies a saying which goes like- ‘ You learn to speak by listening’. And his back was gotten by his father. Andy said in one of his shows that he will forever be grateful to the show. There are about 250 total episodes of the show. By the end of the show, Ron learned how to read. 

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