The Amazon Astro Household Robot

If you are an Amazon Prime subscriber then you must have an Alexa device at your home. Alexa truly is a blessing. It makes doing day to day chores so easy and fun. Playing your favorite music, taking or making calls is just a voice command away. Now imagine if Alexa could follow you around your house? Seems like a dream. Not anymore as Amazon has released a new home robot. Excited aren’t you. So, let’s see what is there to learn about this new device.

Amazon Astro Household Robot

The new household robot by Amazon is called Astro. The robot is 44cm tall. It has a wide range of features. The robot acts like watch guard for your house. Using it sensors it can create a map of your house, which it uses to monitor your house when you are not there. It can detect smoke and breaking of glass, can detect if an unknown person is in the house and send you an alert. The robot can also help you too keep track of your family members, if they live apart. It can send you daily notifications which will tell you that your loved one is up and running. It also acts like a real person and can help you by saying that the mustard sauce is over, get some on the way back home.

The robot has its very own personality. It comes in with a build in Alexa. The robot can follow you around your house while playing music, a podcast or your favorite TV show. You can also make and receive calls on it and talk while roaming around your house. The robot can detect stairs too, so that it does fall and break. It is expected to cost around $1449.99.

The future is here but it may take some time to reach your home as Amazon is yet to release a launch date for the robot. As of now, a selected few are being given to select customers on trial basis.

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