“The Amazing Race” Finale: Fans React to Surprise Proposal at the Finish Line!

Congratulations is in the pocket!

After a heavy competing game, Will Jardell and James Wallington gain the victory in the finale season of “The Amazing Race”. They topped the race and left everyone amazed.

Went Wednesday saw the finale in which two more couples were there in the race- married couple Hung Nguyen and Chee Lee, and brothers Riley and Maddison McKibbin. And third was Will Jardell and James Wallington themselves.

Will and James didn’t give up and crossed the line till they were declared winners. 

Read further to get surprised!

In the utmost moment of joy and excitement, Will dropped down on one knee and proposed his partner, James. And unsurprisingly, James said yes. Couple took next step in their budding romance. 

Fans got excited and wished the luck to newly engaged couple on twitter. They were so happy while expressing their joy and excitement.

Something about Will Jarden:

Jarden was seen in 21st round 2014 of “America’s Next Top Model” and was the runner up. He was also appreciated for ANTM host Tyra Banks.

Comments of audience:

Cassie O commented on Twitter, “WILL JAMES NAILED IT> THEY WON THE SHOW AND EACH OTHER AS WELL. BRB I WILL CRY NOW OUT OF THIS #amazingrace” along with cry and emotional emojis.

Tyra Bank too congratulated the couple via Instagram, “When your #ANTM babe @williamjardell wins @theamazingrace! We are very much proud of you and your baby @whereswallington!”

While Chloe with her Twitter handle @omfstucky commented, “Ommmggggg very happy for Will and James! You both are so adorable. This proposal made me full of tears right now. #AmazingRace.” With a heart emoji.

Apart from them, John G, Dylah Zbierski, Christopher Hahn, Jacob Swenson, and Emily Giffen also showed their immense joy for the couple.

Last but not least!

Final episode kept something out of the box for Will and James. The proposal is surely going to be the most memorable and adorable moments in the history of show.

Meanwhile, Hung and Chee came second and McKibbin brothers being at the third!

Here is the list of other winners of the show. Just tap it and get it-

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