Nvidia has finally made its way to the CES 2021 event with its all new RTX 3000 graphics card which will bring a very powerful technology to the gaming laptops. There were a lot of rumours spreading everywhere about the Nvidia Graphics, the company has finally answered to all the questions with their release.

The CES 2021 event is really attracting a huge audience as tech companies are releasing their best of best products. As it is Nvidia’s first reveal of the year, we are looking forward to seeing some great products by the company in near future. It’s already been two years since the last RTX 2080 release and the fans have been eagerly waiting for the new launch of the product.


The new graphics card will boost the laptops performance to a very high extent. The future laptops will be thin in size and light in weight with a Max-Q technology which will reduce the heating of the laptop. The company said that there is a big role of AI (Artificial Intelligence), which will help the laptop in properly managing the battery backup and control the heating issues.

The new graphics has got a new Dynamic Boost 2.0 technology which will help the system to switch the power between CPU and GPU with the help of AI, so that the system will optimise the power and performance more efficiently and effectively.

There are a number of GPUs announced by laptops in the event:

There is an RTX 3060 graphics card which claims to perform faster than PlayStation 5. The cost of the processor will be around $1000. The second one is 

RTX 3070 which will power 1440p gaming with 90fps with a price of $1299. The third one is RTX 3080 which will be the world’s fastest laptop graphics card with a DDR6 RAM of 116GB.It will run at 100 fps with a setting of 1440p. The starting price range will be around $1999.

We are expecting to see the new RTX 3000 soon and we are waiting to try it out and see how fast it is in real life. 

so, how excited are you to try your hands on the new graphics cards by NVIDIA?


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